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hello My name is mary jane. My feet is 1,75 foot, i'am athletic woman. I see your brother in vaucluse. When you passed in my country, you say hello. I know about your soft baby skin because you very near to me. Because i'am here when you are in nice. I see your three history, tomb rider, mr and mrs smith and i knoxx about the name of your horse Tomb Rider. I send my message for the correspondance. 17 impasse des observentin 84200 Carpentras(french adress). DONE THE KISS AT CHOCOLATE BABY AND CHINESE BABY AND ALSO YOUR BABY IN PRIVATE SCHOOL. See you again. Ido the equitation, the kun fu and swimming. Kiss mary jane. Please send me another photo.

Écrit par : mary jane ROUARD | 21/09/2008

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